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661 Mini Downhill - Chris Crellin Race Report

661 Mini Downhill - Chris Crellin Race Report

661 Mini Downhill - 28/2/2016

It was the first race of the season in almost two years, with my new bike which I had just got back on working order (thanks to the team manager David Webb) So coming into this race I was a little apprehensive!
Waking up early on Saturday morning the weather was cold and dry which made a nice change! I was keen to get there early to dial my bike in and have a look at the track to see how it was running. All I could say was that it was amazing to have the first dry ride of the season!

Once I had a few runs dialling the bike in, practise got under way with team mate Martin Daniels and a few local lads. The track was running great, with the perfect tyre choice of magic Mary's.
After several runs with the guys (trains), we retired to the team pits (van!). In the pits I discussed with team mate/pit chef (Sarah Crellin) my suspension set up where she made adjustments to suite my dislikes. After the final runs for the day we packed up to wind down before the race day antics.

Waking up at stupid o clock on a Sunday morning, all in the name of fun! Myself and team mate Sarah Crellin headed up for a track walk, where she highlighted some great line choices for me to hit with some sound advice. Back down in the pits Sarah proceeded to prepare my bike whilst I sorted myself out getting into a relaxed mindset!

The nerves soon settled once practise runs started to get underway, whilst having a good laugh with team mate Martin Daniells and co!
After 2 long hours and a bacon sandwich, race runs could then commence! First race run was very civilised, the atmosphere at the top was relaxed. The run itself went well apart from screwing up the switchback. The second race run was then seeded which involved waiting for ages at the top, freezing! The moral remained high with good banter with the mates which I had made over the practise day! Once thankfully at the start gate to get the run over and done with, the run felt smoother and better than my first. However I was soon to be brought back to reality when I found the run to be slower, oh well that's racing!
To summarise the whole weekend, it was great weather, great atmosphere, great team mates and gained new friends. Team Mitchell cycles : family team!

Thanks for the great shoot by Laura Heal.

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