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661 Mini Downhill - Martin Daniells Race Report

661 Mini Downhill - Martin Daniells Race Report

661 Mini Downhill - 28/2/2016

Last weekend the final round of the Forest of Dean winter series 2015/16 had arrived and with this being the 1st race of 2016 for me I wanted to start with a good result.

Also being able to attend Saturday practice I wanted to put on a good showing for the team. I have managed to spend a good bit of time on my downhill bike in the weeks leading up to the race which helped and I felt a lot more at one with my bike and ready for this race!

Saturday practice - time had arrived, upon arrival I was anxious to see what track had been laid out by 661 mini Downhill team for the event and was very pleased to see it was a great un-named track that was used for a race in the summer. Weather conditions were good, sunny and dry for once. It had been a while since we have had that in the UK! In turn, it made riding really good fun. This was a good days practice for me, team mate Chris Crellin and friends that came to race with us we all found great lines and had lots of fun on the off cambers and tight turns!

Sunday Race Day - Sunday morning started off with the all-important coffee and race prep on my bike & kit. As soon as practice time had started I wasted no time heading straight to the first uplift to the top so I was able to conserve all my energy for racing. It was busy on track from the get go, as this is one of the busiest races of this time of year. The track was still nice and dry - the sun was shining once again so took the opportunity of the early run I took an easy warm up run to see if the track had developed much more after yesterday?s dialling in, it had got quite torn up in places but some nice ruts had appeared which had just made it better to ride! As it was so busy I was only able to get on one more uplift before the event stops for lunch. Second practice run I thought was almost perfect but just struggled to straight line a tricky ?rooty off camber? section and new were to pedal a little more so finished up the mornings practice fairly happy I could challenge for a good result today.

Racing got under way and I was quite a bit more nervous than usual as I really wanted a good result but knew it would be tuff going up against such a talented field of riders. Time to race, my first time run of the day went well, nice and smooth and too erratic as I was looking to lay a steady first run time down 1.21 which was ok for a round mid pack and with this run being a smooth and steady one I knew I could shave a bit of time off!

After the hours break for lunch, I pushed up to the top for the start of my categories 2nd and final timed run. I stayed focused and warm up on a top section of a similar trail next door and waited for my number to be called. My 2nd timed run went well, much better than the 1st. Slightly off camber roots and a stall in the tight turns in the lower section cost me some time, I was determined to improved so I pedalled my heart out and styled it out for the crowd. I didn't manage to improve my time but instead I match it with another time of 1.21 so I was happy not to have lost time still a bit gutted that I didn't progress high up the time sheet. Although with that for this week's racing and the start of the season was a good laugh and great atmosphere, I?m looking forward to returning in the summer to try and better my results this year!

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