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Race Report | Mij Round 3 Summer Series and Unofficial Hard tail Champs.

Where to start... my weekend prior to this one has to be my worst as far as races are concerned. I crashed at the last BDS and ultimately had decided to call it a day and have a break with the racing. However this weekend saw the unofficial hardtail champs. I love racing a hardtail it makes the vast majority of DH tracks that little harder at speed.

You need to pick your lines far more precisely. I didn't want to race.... not really. But the hardtail love in me won me over and I found myself rocking up at the forest of Dean (FOD). I didn't bother practicing on the Saturday so I literally only had Sunday morning to play with. I decided early on to get a track walk in and put as many clean runs together as I could. Thankfully Martin; team mate and second spanner in the TMC hub that is Mitchell Cycles in Swindon came to offer his help where I needed it. It's great to get on with your team mates and Martin helps me loads when walking a track. Rather stupidly or not... the hardtail I took to race was only built the day before. Thank you Dave the magic mechanic for getting her sweet with very little notice.

Back to the racing.... 5 practice runs later I knew the lines that were going to win it. Several were ambitious on the hardtail but win or lose....I'm getting them done. Race runs came around quickly and the track also dried out loads! My first race run I tend to give it my all but try and stay composed. This time that worked and I went into the lead in hardtail with over 5 seconds separating me from 2nd. Good job. 2nd runs were going to be on a faster track though... it was still drying out. For this run I wanted to compete with the full suspension boys... so I pushed harder and I feel I was much quicker in certain sections but ultimately I decided to punch a tree and this cost me a few seconds.

I crossed the line only a second slower! What could have been if it wasn't for that one tree! Still my first run was good enough for the win and with that the title of Unofficial UK Hardtail Champion. I got 2nd at this event last year and this was a bitter sweet victory. Unfortunately one of the hardtail riders who looked on point decided to right his frame off so I felt for him as he was rapid in practice. Thoughts/ prayers go to the guy in senior that needed airlifting out after a massive crash. I hope your OK and feeling better dude. So that's it for 2016 for me and racing. I wanted the hardtail champ title and I just had to get it done! I'm having some time away to spend with the wife and ride outside of that race vibe. I cannot thank everyone at Mitchell cycles enough. Thanks again to Martin for being the spanner man... and dude to talk to. Huge thanks to reborn clothing, smith optics and schwalbe tyres. I may be back before you know it....