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Martin Daniells - Race Report

Martin Daniells - Race Report

Martin Daniells Race Report - MIJ 4/9/16 Forrest of Dean

Finally I'm back at the races!! It's felt like forever; my shoulder has heeled up & I'm feel better than ever on the bike at the moment. I was really excited to see what I could do with my racing now, So I booked some time off work for this race so I had plenty of time to practice as the guys, at MIJ & the Forest of Dean, had made a track and I wanted to learn it inside out. I managed to get there for a cheeky session on the bank holiday Monday before the weekend and was delighted to find what was built to race on. The course was fast - dry - loamy and dusty! A lot of fun but as the race line had not been taped yet I just tried to get a general idea of what might be in store for us on Sunday and just roosted & styled up the trial with team mates Sarah and Chris Crellin.

Saturday's practice soon came around and I couldn't wait to ride my bike. MIJ had decided to lay the track & to my delight it turned out to be very similar to what I had rode on the Monday, this was another lovely sunny day to ride on but unfortunately all the heaving rain during the week leading up to this event meant the top half of the track was quite slick, in fact so slick I crashed in the first corner and very nearly got ran over by my mates 'Lukas' & 'Chicken' who was racing with me this weekend. After getting my dismount out of the way early, the day went on to show some good riding from all three of us, also bumped into young shredder Elliot Thumbs who joined onto our train - this guy will be one to watch in the future for sure!!

So race day arrived; I felt confident in my line choices and was keen to warm up for racing. Once we got to FOD's Pedal Bike Away centre we quickly signed in and got our number boards but then proceeded to take our time getting ready and make a vital stop at the cafe for the all important bacon n egg bap one key ingredient on a race day lol, the morning's practice lasted longer then usual so we had plenty of time to go over the line we had chosen which was good as more rain over night meant conditions had completely change the track and speeds! The top section had become an ice rink almost with sticky, slippery mud and most of the corners had blown out but it was still surprising rideable and good fun too! Finally during the day it was great to see the sun come out! After riders had stopped for a short lunch break it was time for first race runs, I wanted to attack my first one and just lay a competitive time down on the table and I didn't do too bad considering I made quite a few mistakes and stalls in some turns and clocked a time of 1.16... and with in category.
At the top of the hill, waiting to start run 2 I was going over the track in my head and double checking my bike was ok etc and noticed that most of the air had decided to vacate my tyres which was not exactly ideal as I really wanted to push for a top 10 or 15 which is always quite an accomplishment at the FOD races. As I left the gate on run 2 I could immediately feel there was not enough pressure in my tyres but thought let's go for it anyway! I managed to ride consistent and hit every line I wanted, it was a bit sketchy and couldn't really push in the turns as I didn't want to blow a tyre off, but rode real well for once and crossed the line in style to to nd out that I had taken 2secs of my first run on flat tyres! Knowing I had more time to shave with correct tyre pressure I was well happy with that that would of thrown right into the mix.

All in all the whole race weekend was amazing, the track was epic! The weather was good and it was great fun racing with my friends and team mate George gutted for him not doing as well as he wanted but super exited to see what the next race holds

Big big thank you to;

Lukas Janicek for taking me, Elliot Thumbs & family for the epic photos!

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