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Raleigh TALUS | £230

Youth / Child | 20" Wheel Bikes
Raleigh TALUS
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The Talus 20 is an ideal starting bike for youngster's wanting to get in to the rugged world of Mountain biking, its tough alloy frame will take the abuse but it is still lightweight, Shimano Revoshift shifters change gear with ease.

- Aluminium frame with hydro formed tubes; developed for all styles of riding, trails, grass, paths and roads it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
- Suspension fork; a functional technical element of the Talus's high specification allowing your child to ride their bike on most surfaces, smoothing out bumps
- Full Shimano transmission; on all Raleigh Children's geared bikes we fit full Shimano transmission including; Shimano freewheels, derailleur?s and Shimano Revoshift shifters. This ensures component compatibility and will improve your child's experience of learning how to change gears. In our experience this style of gear shifter is easier for your child to change gear with than other styles of gear shifters, Shimano Revoshift also enables your child to keep their hands fully on the handlebar whilst they are changing gear
- Rear derailleur protector; we fit as standard a rear gear protector which prevents damage to the high level of Shimano gears if the bike is dropped to the ground
- Aluminium V-brakes; a high specification on Raleigh Children's bikes fitted for an improved braking performance
- Front V-brake modulator; one of a number of safety features fitted as standard on Raleigh Children's bikes. When your child applies the front brake the modulator regulates the force that goes down to the front v-brake resulting in smoother braking
- Aluminium brake levers; another high specification on Raleigh Children's bikes, easily operated by little fingers fitted with an adjustment screw to fit to smaller hands
- Controls; fitted with lower rise handlebars to give a riding position so your child is more aware of their surroundings and a height adjustable aluminium stem allowing for your child's growth. The handlebar area is finished off with softer dual compound co-ordinated grips
- Aluminium double wall rims; yet another high specification and safety feature on Raleigh Children's bikes the aluminium double wall rim is not only strong it gives an improved surface for the brake blocks to brake against
- Graphics under a clear coat; yet another high specification on the Raleigh Talus, by applying the bike graphics underneath a clear lacquer the sophisticated Talus design will remain undamaged for years to follow
Printed saddle, at Raleigh we take great pride in designing our Children's range, ensuring that each component - however small is matched to the bike design

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